The first day of a new job can be very exciting, but also extremely daunting. A new environment, a new boss, new people, new desk, then there is the worry of where to go when you arrive and if you will be on time and make a good impression – so much to worry about! One of the best ways to reduce some of this new job tension is to be as prepared as you can be for new job day and a great bag is a good place to start.

Modern Business Bags

We stock a huge range of bags perfect for the office, from laptop bags to antitheft backpacks and modern business briefcases. Which nag you choose is dependent on a few different factors and as everyone is different, we have a large range of business bags to suit everyone.

Here are a few considerations for choosing a new backpack for your new job:

  • Do you need to take a laptop with you? If so then our range of laptop bags will be perfect for your needs.
  • Does your bag need enough space to hold your lunch and gym kit for before or after work? If so then look for a slightly larger bag with different compartments to hold the different items, you need.
  • Will you be travelling for work? If so then consider our range of anti-theft backpacks making you feel confident when you are travelling to new areas.
  • Do you commute to work and use devices like a mobile phone or a tablet to listen to music, read or watch videos? Then choose a bag that has a built in USB port to keep your devices fully charged there and back.
  • Do you need to carry files, documents or large notepads? Our business briefcases are modern in style but have all the traditional elements you need to keep your papers and other personal items in order.

A new bag will give you the confidence you need to start your new job in style and have everything that you need to succeed. Once you have chosen your bag then it is simply a process of collecting your other items ready for start of your new job.

New Job Tips

Here are some other tips on how to succeed on your first day in a new job:

Prepare your clothes - Lay out everything you need the night before so you can find it quickly

Check your bag – Ensure you have checked that everything you need fits into your business backpack, and you know where you are going to store everything you need.

Organise your paperwork – Make a pile of everything you have been asked to take with you on your first day, this can include work related documents or HR related.

Set you Alarm – The last thing you want to be on your first day is late. So set your alarm a little early, plan your route to your new job and leave in plenty of time so you have a few minutes to relax and get before your first day starts.